Our last letter to Italy

To Francesca

From Paula


Hello Francesca! I’m Paula.

How are you?


This is mi daialy routine:


I get up at eigth o’clock.

I dress up at a quarter past eigth.
I have breakfast at half past eigth.

I comb my hair and I brush my teeth at a quarter to eigth.

I go to school at ten to nine.

I have lessons at nine o’clock.

I have lunch at half past one.

I return to school at ten to three. I have lessons, now, at three o’clock.

I go to tennis lessons at six o’clock.

I take a shower at half past eigth.

I have dinner at nine o’clock.

I watch TV at a quarter to ten.

I go to bed at half past ten.

Next summer, I’m going to Teruel. There, I go to Dinopolis. It Is a big museum.


Have a happy summer!

Paula Castellà


PS: physically I’m quite tall and thin. I have got brown eyes and long brown hair. I haven’t got a boyfriend.

Yes, I celebrate Christmas holidays and Carnival.



Espero que nos sigamos escribiendo y muchas gracias por esta experiencia!


Ho amato tradurre in italiano:
Spero di continuare a scrivere e vi ringraziamo molto per questa esperienza!

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