Halloween quiz and party

IMG_20151029_162118 IMG_20151029_162158Year six participated in a Halloween Quiz. They brought different accessories related to Halloween (masks, headbands, wings…). We made a little party and we ate crisps and chocolates. We had a lot of fun because we could dance!IMG_20151027_100644 IMG_20151027_100806 IMG_20151027_101235 IMG_20151027_101307 IMG_20151027_101454 IMG_20151027_101521 IMG_20151027_101721


Year 2 made these fantastic monsters!! They are fantastic! Your imagination is incredible! Firstly, they designed a model. Afterwards, they made the monsters with play dough.IMG_20151029_115248 IMG_20151029_115335 IMG_20151029_115408 IMG_20151029_115645

IMG_20151026_115756 IMG_20151026_120149 IMG_20151026_120407 IMG_20151026_120542 IMG_20151026_120552 IMG_20151026_120610 IMG_20151026_121219 IMG_20151026_120801 IMG_20151026_120635 IMG_20151026_121838 IMG_20151026_121351