Etwinning project: Year 5 loves sports!

P1070097 P1070098 P1070099 P1070100 P1070116 P1070119Year 5 was very motivated for this new activity! They brought sport clothes from their houses and I took photos of the students doing and playing their favourite sports. Afterwards, they wrote a text about their favourite sports and hobbies and they created a fantastic poster.

WE LOVE SPORTS!P1070096 P1070095 P1070093 P1070092

P1070087 P1070091 P1070090 P1070088 P1070084 P1070080 P1070077 P1070074 P1070073 P1070072 P1070071 P1070058 P1070059 P1070066 P1070067 P1070068 P1070069 P1070057 P1070055 P1070052 P1070050 P1070049 P1070048 P1070047 P1070046 P1070045 P1070044 P1070042